What is is a service to help you find answers to your questions online. A large number of categories and sub-sections allows you to ask a question on interested topic and immediately get an answer. You can also answer to the questions of other users and vote for their answers. The more active your stay on the site, the higher your ranking!


Automatic registration is in fact in one click. The user must click on one of the icons social networks or services (icons are located in the upper right corner of the site), in which he has a personal profile. After doing this, the data will be displayed on Getrejoin.

Main page

After completing the registration the user goes to the main page of the site. In the top of site there is a menu, which is available only to authorized users:

  • Stream - stream of new questions;
  • News - all the news that relate to your account (the answer to your question, the activity of your subscribers and other);
  • Users - the page where is the list of all site users which are online;
  • Friends - information about your friends from social networks, who signed on you and on which you are subscribed ;
  • Notifications - information about your questions, the answers to your questions, comments and personal messages to users;
  • Account - allows you to go to your personal cabinet, in the section of registration of a personal page, or to exit from site;


Personal cabinet

In personal cabinet you can see all information about yourself. If you log in using the social network Vkontakte or Facebook on your page will be a list of all your friends from the social network. Clicking on a picture of your friend, you can invite him to the site.

To change your status you can click on the status bar. To change the address of your page and nickname you need to click the link change near the address of the page, then enter the new nickname.

Design of the page

Here you can choose design of your personal page of the standard themes, themes uploaded by other users and which gave access to the design, or create your own design.

Grouping questions

This function allows you to create groups for your questions with the further application of this group to the selected question


The site provides for the use two widgets: button and info-block. Any of those widgets you can put on a third-party site to attract new users to your page with questions

How to ask a question


  • 1. Click on the green button "Ask a question" in the upper left corner of the main page;
  • 2. In the line "Question" enter the main idea of your question;
  • 3. In line "Description" specify the parameters of your question. Here the user may also upload a photo, picture and other document in order to get a more detailed answer to his question;
  • 4. Click on the button "Ask".

For your question will be automatically generated tags. The table of contents of the question must contain more than one word, but no more than 70 symbols.


How to create the poll

Creating a poll is similar to creating a question except addition variants of answers. You need a description of a question click on the link "You can add the variants of answers and make a poll. Click here". The number of answers should be not more than 10.

How to answer questions


  • 1. On the page of the question below in the column "Write answer to the question", the user can enter the text of the response;
  • 2. To send the response you must click on the green button "Answer";
  • 3. The answer to appear under the selected question on the website.


To take part in polls


  • 1. Select the desired poll;
  • 2. Below in the column, select the answer that you think is correct.


What is the "Best answer"

In most cases, on each question the author gets several answers from different users. In this case the asker can choose the "Best answer", then the case is closed.


Questions can contain "Tags" — keywords of question that are generated automatically


After the user has been registered by clicking on the icon of one social networks, he automatically becomes a full member of the site and can ask questions, create polls and give answers to questions other users and also has the opportunity to complain on the another poll or question if the user finds it incorrect.

There are three categories of violations, noting that, you should to complain:

  • 1. Violation of the site rules;
  • 2. The use of offensive language;
  • 3. Spam.